Steel Nation Announces Equity Partnership

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Steel Nation Announces Equity Partnership

Washington, PA – December 20, 2017 – Steel Nation, President, Mark D. Caskey, announced the formation of a business partnership making EVP/CFO, Mark Dooley and EVP, Alan Reid equity partners in the business.

Located near Pittsburgh, PA, Steel Nation is a full-service construction, engineering and environmental firm that specializes in the design, construction, service and repair of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs). Founded in 2008, Steel Nation has developed into one of the fastest-growing companies in the region, with three divisions that primarily serve the Oil & Gas industry; Steel Nation Buildings, Steel Nation Engineering and Steel Nation Environmental, a full-service commercial and retail landscape, erosion and sediment control supply and installation company. Steel Nation also is active in the Water/Wastewater and Healthcare industries.

“For the past several years I have made it a priority to strengthen my company by moving from a purely entrepreneurial business model to a more professionally managed corporation,” said Mr. Caskey. Alan Reid joined Steel Nation in 2012 as EVP, bringing extensive operations and efficiency consulting experience with companies such as Free Markets, Boeing and Lockheed Martin to the company. Said Reid, “I have enjoyed leveraging my experiences in operations to help organize and strengthen our internal/external business processes. I am very proud to make partner.”

Mark Dooley joined the business in May 2016, taking on the lead financial role in the business as EVP/CFO. He also has significant operating experience with organizations such as United Health Care and General Electric. “I am enjoying my new role at Steel Nation,” said Dooley. “It is an exciting time for the energy industries and for our business. The company has experienced significant growth thanks to amazing employees and customers.”

Caskey, Dooley and Reid have been friends for decades and have no fear that their friendship diminishes business performance. “In fact,” Caskey remarked, “because of our close relationships, we can be very frank and direct with each other. There is implicit trust and we hold each other to a very high business standard.”

2017 has been a record year for Steel Nation with the 2018 business forecast being equal or better.

Steel Nation is a proud Washington, Pennsylvania-based corporation working primarily in the energy sector of North America. Originally founded to design/build/turn-key large scale coal prep plants, Steel Nation has evolved into the leading designer/builder of transmission, storage, and compression facilities, for the mid-stream and transmission operations of the Oil & Gas industry throughout the Marcellus, Utica, and other American shale plays.

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