Soundwall Projects

Steel Nation is experienced in the design, fabrication and installation of soundwalls that help to mitigate the noise. The soundwalls perforated panels are engineered with structural steel, mineral wool with batt insulation. Steel Nation can design the wall, pour the foundations, and install the walls, all in less than 4 weeks. The Steel Nation Soundwall is proudly made in the U.S. The strength, durability and insulation properties of all our walls meets or exceeds the standard test requirements for soundwalls in their category.

Expected Sound Mitigation:

  • Site noise prior to soundwall = 62 dBA
  • Avg. Cooler Fan = 86 dBA
  • After Soundwall Built = 66 dBA 5′ from Soundwall
  • After Soundwall Built = 55 dBA at fence line (80′)
  • After Soundwall Built = 46 dBA at 750′ from fence line (receptors)

Soundwall Gallery