Retrofits and Demolition

Steel Nation Buildings specializes in retrofits of existing metal buildings. Rely on our expertise to correct existing shortcomings at older gas compressor stations, such as problems associated with ventilation, overheating, and sound. Steel Nation Buildings can alter, expand, and improve all major brands of steel buildings. We can add consecutive bays and re-sheet wall and roof panels. Steel Nation’s proprietary combustion air intakes (CAIT’s) can help prevent overheating and shutdowns of obsolete compressor stations. By adding manifolds, silencers, and outdoor fresh air intakes, engine temperatures can be reduced by 15 to 20 percent. Steel Nation Buildings also specializes in compressor skid removal and replacements, as well as adding compressor bays to existing buildings. From insulation, air handling, and sound mitigation retrofits, Steel Nation Buildings can upgrade any existing structure, no matter the complexity of the project. We provide:

  • Combustion air intake piping and silencers for compressor gas engines
  • Building repairs and retrofits for equipment upgrades/downgrades, etc.
  • Sound walls for equipment and whole sites
  • Permanent fall safe systems for roofs
  • Fire damage assessment and remediation
  • Compressor rigging and change-outs for horsepower upgrades/downgrades. (No mechanical work)
  • Initial crane load test and commissioning and OSHA yearly re-certification
  • Certified operator training for mobile cranes, overhead cranes, manlifts, and forklifts
  • Ventilation fan maintenance, repair and upgrades
  • Walkways and stairs for all applications.

When it comes to demolition, Steel Nation Buildings has the equipment, the manpower, and the know-how to demo your structures safely and efficiently.


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