Electrical Systems Studies

Energy Code Compliance
Reviewing agency’s often demand formal calculations to demonstrate that a project meets or exceeds current regulations.

Lighting Illuminance
Select or analyze lighting fixtures and calculate illuminance levels for a particular space. Review and compare new fixture choices with a focus on energy and maintenance.

Short Circuit
Determine the maximum fault current available throughout a facility and compare to equipment withstand capabilities.

Protective Device Coordination
Provide optimum settings for facility overcurrent protective devices. Maintain selective coordination between series devices to comply with code mandates and minimize area outages.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
Provide the necessary calculations required to obtain incident energy levels for the proper selection of personal protective equipment for employees working around energized electrical equipment.

System Loading/Voltage Regulation
Determine system capacity limits for equipment/facility expansion justification.

Power Factor Correction
Establish the economic merit for reducing a facility power factor. Tailor a mitigation strategy for a facility.

Power Quality
Investigate system disturbances or anomalies that cause downtime, nuisance tripping or equipment failures.


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